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Centaur Inks Supply Deal With Detia Degesch

Centaur Analytics, a leading AgTech IoT company developing sensors and software solutions that improve the quality and safety of agricultural products, announced today that it entered into a supply and collaboration agreement with Detia Degesch Group, a global leader in stored product protection solutions for commodities such as grains, wheat, rice, maize, soya, nuts, dried fruits, tea, coffee and tobacco as well as for processed food products. Under this agreement, Detia will promote and market Centaur’s integrated wireless sensors and IoT platform analytics using its global salesforce and will also use the Centaur solution throughout its own network of fumigation services. The joint offerings are slated for availability in Germany, United States, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and South Africa in the coming months.

View the complete Press Release here

Degesch America, Inc Product Stewardship

The proper use of metal phosphide fumigants (Phostoxin®, Fumitoxin®, Magtoxin®)
is vital to the long term viability of these products.

Degesch America, Inc.(DAI) takes product stewardship very seriously and offers “End-User” support in a variety of ways.    We try to provide fumigators with the tools necessary to use our products in a safe and efficacious manner to achieve the desired level of insect prevention and control.  Product Stewardship often involves DAI personnel speaking at seminars hosted by private companies and/or governmental agencies.  The upcoming Degesch America, Inc. Recertification School (DAI Recrtification School) is a prime example of the types of training we provide.

DAI has also provided speakers for the recent Bequisa “1º Encontro Bequisa & Fumigadores Porto” held in Brazil, the Superior-Angran “Safe and Effective Fumigations in Real World Situations” seminar held in Puerto Rico, and several Association and State sponsored programs throughout the United States.  Topics included in these recent seminars have included: “Understanding HazCom/SDS”, “J-System Low Air Flow Fumigation Method”, “Spot Fumigation”, “Fumigation Management Plans”, “Respiratory Protection & Gas Detection” and many others.


If you would like more information about having a DAI speaker at your next event, please feel free to contact us at:


Mike McLean discussing the J-System® Low Air Flow Fumigation Method

Mike McLean discussing the J-System® Low Air Flow Fumigation Method

Dennis Ryman presenting  "HazCom/SDS"  at a recent seminar.

Dennis Ryman presenting “HazCom/SDS” at a recent seminar.

Degesch America, Inc. joins grain industry in letter to Trump administration

Degesch America, Inc., through our affiliation with the North American Export Grain Association, joined together with 125+ other members of the food and agricultural industry as signatories of a letter to President Donald J. Trump “to express our eagerness to work with your administration to keep American industry competitive, add jobs, and grow the U.S. economy”.

To view the letter in its entirety, please click here:  “North-America_FoodAG-Letter_Pres.Trump_170123-FINAL



“Grain Operations: Fumigating stored grain in sealed silos” by Dirk Maier and Sam Cook

Grain BinsDirk Maier and Sam Cook are post-harvest engineers with the Iowa Grain Quality Initiative at Iowa State University.  Their research project, ‘Grain Operations: Fumigating stored grain in sealed silos’,  “evaluated the viability of using sealed grain silo technology to achieve successful fumigations, maintain grain quality, and control insects without building up PH3 resistance.”

The article was recently published by World Grain and noted that “With properly sealed storage silos of any size, fumigation treatments work more effectively and with substantially lower costs.”

To view the article in it’s entirety, follow this link:  World Grain