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Whether structural, in-transit or commodity fumigation, our licensed applicators possess the skills and equipment to handle your pest control needs.

Fumigation Services

In-Transit Fumigation

As a pioneer in the field, you can count on our team to professionally handle complex bulk carrier vessel, barge and railcar fumigations. We are the only USA member of the International Maritime Fumigation Organization (IMFO), enabling us to provide global reach beyond the initial fumigant introduction.

Commodity Fumigation

Post harvest crop protection through the fumigation of grain, dried fruit and nuts, tobacco and many other agricultural products is one of our biggest strengths. Innovative technologies, proper use of fumigants, and precise monitoring all lead to successful pest elimination in tanks, bins, silos, chambers and warehouses.

Food Plant and Spot Fumigation

Our structural fumigation expertise may be applied for entire mill, manufacturing plant and warehouse treatments. Our innovative spot applications focus just on problem areas minimizing downtime at milling, baking, processing and brewing facilities.

Quarantine Treatments

DEGESCH America, Inc. has Compliance Agreements with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to perform quarantine treatments. Containerized cargo, tarps and warehouses can be treated to stop invasive pests from establishing a foothold in the USA.

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The GAFTA Standard is an independently audited scheme designed to maintain and improve the level of competence of activities related to the trade of agricultural commodities, animal feed materials, pulses, rice, spices and general produce worldwide.  Degesch America, Inc. is a GAFTA Approved Fumigator and complies with the “The GAFTA Standard for Fumigation”. 

Degassing Services

Receiving fumigated commodities in vessels, barges and railcars can be risky business. You can count on our licensed professionals to carefully monitor the prescribed areas to ensure compliance with exposure limits and issue gas free certificates indicating the tested areas are deemed safe.

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Abatement Services

Are phosphine emissions regulated in your State?

Is your warehouse or storage located in an area requiring emissions to be carefully controlled?

Does your Fumigation Management Plan (FMP) restrict aeration to property line limits?

DEGESCH America, Inc. has developed an adsorption system or “scrubber” to remove hydrogen phosphide (phosphine) from air streams, which may solve your emission problems.

How does this Catalytic Adsorption Unit (CAU) work?

The scrubber catalytically oxidizes phosphine, at low temperatures, to produce water and nonvolatile phosphates.

The unit operates by continually recycling air from within the fumigated structure, through the adsorbent and back into the structure until the phosphine levels have been reduced to a satisfactory level.

DAI Scrubber

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