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Phostoxin® fumigant was created by Degesch scientists in 1951 and granted a US FIFRA registration in 1958. Phostoxin® has been used ever since to control stored product pests. Magtoxin® entered the US marketplace in the late 1970’s and reduces the temperature dependency found in the Phostoxin® products. Since their introduction both Phostoxin® & Magtoxin® have demonstrated the quality and dependability required of these specialized products.

DAI is the leader in specialized product packaging for the fumigation industry. Products such as:

  • Phostoxin® Tablets & Pellets
  • Fumitoxin® Tablets & Pellets
  • Phostoxin® Tablet Prepac® & Prepac® Rope
  • Magtoxin® Fumi-Cel® & Fumi-Strip®
  • Magtoxin® Spot Fumigant

These products are used world-wide to aid in the control of stored product pests.

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Whether structural, in-transit or commodity fumigation, we have the fumigant to handle your pest control needs.

Aluminum Phosphide Fumigants


PHOSTOXIN & FUMITOXIN tablets and pellets contain aluminum phosphide as the active ingredient allowing for the controlled release of phosphine gas.

Depending upon temperature and humidity,PHOSTOXIN and FUMITOXIN tablets and pellets release phosphine gas slowly upon exposure to moisture from the air. Due to the smaller size of the pellets, decomposition is more rapid than with the tablets . Phosphine gas readily penetrates many kinds of packing material as well as densely packed commodities and can control all developmental stages of stored product pests. Phosphine gas may also be used to control rodents in certain situations.

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The use of PHOSTOXIN & FUMITOXIN tablets and pellets is not limited to any particular type of storage. They can be applied in silos, bins, warehouses, railcars, containers, barges or ships. Application may be made either by hand or by inserting the tablets or pellets into the commodity using a probe. When fumigating silos or bins, the tablets or pellets may be added to the commodity during the filling procedure.

The most economical and safe method of application while filling a silo, is the use of an automatic dispenser. Storages requiring more than 2 days to fill should not be treated by addition of fumigant to the commodity stream as large quantities of phosphine gas may escape before the bin is completely filled.


PHOSTOXIN or FUMITOXIN tablets liberate 1 gram of phosphine gas.

PHOSTOXIN or FUMITOXIN pellets liberate 0.2 grams of phosphine gas.


333 per Flask; 21 Flasks per case – SKU: 010101


1666 per Flask; 21 Flasks per case – SKU: 010109

Phostoxin Tablet/Pellet SDS

Phostoxin Applicator Manual 


500 per Flask; 14 Flasks per case – SKU: 010191


1660 per Flask; 21 Flasks per case or

2490 per Flask; 14 Flasks per case

Fumitoxin Tablet/Pellet SDS

Fumitoxin Applicator Manual

Aluminum Phosphide Packaged Fumigants


PHOSTOXIN TABLET PREPAC & PREPAC ROPE contain 55% aluminum phosphide inside a unique material which forms an integral part of the product technology. The TABLET PREPAC & PREPAC ROPE should never be torn open. Each 33 gram TABLET PREPAC is individually sealed in a gas-tight foil pouch. The PREPAC ROPE consists of 32 interconnected TABLET PREPACS.

Once the TABLET PREPAC or PREPAC ROPE is removed from the hermetically sealed foil pouch, they start producing phosphine gas after a short, but sufficient, delay period.


The use of PHOSTOXIN TABLET PREPAC & PREPAC ROPE is not limited to any particular type of storage, however, the TABLET PREPAC is ideal for use in the fumigation of railcars, containers or other small enclosures. The PREPAC ROPE is more suitable for fumigation of larger structures such as warehouses or bins. The PHOSTOXIN TABLET PREPAC & PREPAC ROPE may be used to fumigate finished food products such as flour or rice where contact with fumigant dust is not permitted.

The PHOSTOXIN TABLET PREPAC & PREPAC ROPE must be removed from the fumigated commodity prior to final processing or use.


PHOSTOXIN Tablet Prepacs liberate 33 grams of phosphine gas.

PHOSTOXIN Tablet Prepac Ropes liberate 1056 grams of phosphine gas.

PHOSTOXIN Tablet Prepac:

1 Prepac per Pouch; 48 Pouches per Pail – SKU: 010104

2 Prepac per Pouch; 24 Pouches per Pail.

3 Prepac per Pouch; 16 Pouches per Pail – SKU: 010105

4 Prepac per Pouch; 12 Pouches per Pail – SKU: 010106

PHOSTOXIN Tablet Prepac Rope:

1 Rope per Pouch; 2 Pouches per Pail

Phostoxin Tablet/Prepac SDS

Phostoxin Applicator Manual


Magnesium Phosphide Fumigants


The FUMI-CEL and FUMI-STRIP are magnesium phosphide based formulations which release phosphine gas upon exposure to atmospheric moisture.

The active ingredients are embedded in an inert, plastic matrix in the form of a semi-rigid plate covered on both sides with a moisture-permeable paper. Each FUMI-CEL AND FUMI-STRIP is individually sealed in a gas-tight foil pouch. The FUMI-STRIP consists of 20 interconnected Degesch FUMI-CELS.


FUMI-CEL and FUMI-STRIP are intended to be used for packaged or bagged goods and processed commodities, including food products. FUMI-CEL and FUMI-STRIP can be applied successfully under most storage conditions. With extended exposure time, Degesch FUMI-CEL and FUMI-STRIP may be used at lower temperatures and less humid conditions.
Once removed from the foil pouch, these products begin releasing phosphine gas after a short delay.


FUMI-CELS liberate 33 grams of phosphine gas.

FUMI-STRIPS liberate 660 grams of phosphine gas.

FUMI-CEL – SKU: 010201:

1 FUMI-CEL per Pouch; 40, 80, or 120 Pouches per Pail.

FUMI-STRIP – SKU: 010202:

1 FUMI-STRIP per Pouch; 6 Pouches per Pail

Fumi-Ce/Fumi-Strip SDS

Fumi-Cel/Fumi-Strip Applicator Manual

Magnesium Phosphide Fumigant


SPOT FUMIGANT is designed for short-term treatment of food processing machinery and equipment in specific sites with phosphine for control of the adult and larval life stages of insects, which infest residual food particles.

Once removed from the foil pouch, these products begin releasing phosphine gas very quickly. Respiratory protection may be required during application.


Magtoxin® Prepac will liberate 13.2 grams of phosphine gas.


1 SPOT FUMIGANT per Pouch; 12 Pouches per Pail.

Magtoxin Spot Fumigant SDS

Magtoxin Spot Fumigant Manual

DAI Spot Fumigant

“Restricted Use Pesticide”
Always read the label and product information before use.