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DDGSIn a letter to USDA APHIS Deputy Administrator Mr. Osama El-Lissy the Director General of the Plant Protection Department, Vietnam, Mr Hoang Trung announced the decision to lift the suspension on the importation DDG from the United States. The letter states in part:

“…the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam has issued the Decision No 3566/QD-BNN-BVTV dated September 1st 2017 to resume import of DDGS from United States into Vietnam.
In order to implement the Decision, the Plant Protection Department of Vietnam (PPD) will issue phytosanitary import permits for U.S. DDGS from September Pt, 2017. The phytosanitary import permit shall be delivered by PPD to the importer. This phytosanitary import permit will be presented by the U.S exporter to APHIS to request a phytosanitary certificate.
In additional, PPD would like to inform that phosphine is accepted for treatment of DDGS, corn and wheat from the U.S before export to Vietnam, complying with the agreed treatment procedures (see the attachment). The information of fumigation including date, location of the fumigation, fumigant, duration and temperature of treatment should be specified in the phytosanitary certificate.
However, if any interception of living quarantine pest of Vietnam, PPD will apply the phytosanitary measures according to our regulations.”

Also included was a document entitled “Requirements for U.S. dried distillers grain (DDG), corn and wheat for export to Vietnam” which outlines steps to be taken. You can read the complete document here.