Degesch America, Inc.

Phostoxin® fumigant was created by Degesch scientists in 1951 and granted a US FIFRA registration in 1958. Phostoxin® has been used ever since to control stored product pests. Magtoxin® entered the US marketplace in the late 1970’s and reduces the temperature dependency found in the Phostoxin® products. Since their introduction both Phostoxin® & Magtoxin® have demonstrated the quality and dependability required of these specialized products.

DAI is the leader in specialized product packaging for the fumigation industry. Products such as:

  • Phostoxin® Tablets & Pellets
  • Phostoxin® Tablet Prepac® & Prepac® Rope
  • Magtoxin® Fumi-Cel® & Fumi-Strip®
  • Magtoxin® Spot Fumigant
  • Phostoxin® Tablets & Pellets
  • hostoxin® Tablets & Pellets

These products are used world-wide to aid in the control of stored product pests.


Whether structural, in-transit or commodity fumigation, we have the fumigant to handle your pest control needs.

Aluminum Phosphide Fumigants

Aluminum Phosphide Packaged Fumigants

Magnesium Phosphide Fumigants


SPOT FUMIGANT is designed for short-term treatment of food processing machinery and equipment in specific sites with phosphine for control of the adult and larval life stages of insects, which infest residual food particles.

Once removed from the foil pouch, these products begin releasing phosphine gas very quickly. Respiratory protection may be required during application.


SPOT FUMIGANT liberates 66 grams of phosphine gas.


1 SPOT FUMIGANT per Pouch; 12 Pouches per Pail.

“Restricted Use Pesticide”
Always read the label and product information before use.