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Degesch America, Inc. joins grain industry in letter to Trump administration

Degesch America, Inc., through our affiliation with the North American Export Grain Association, joined together with 125+ other members of the food and agricultural industry as signatories of a letter to President Donald J. Trump “to express our eagerness to work with your administration to keep American industry competitive, add jobs, and grow the U.S. economy”.

To view the letter in its entirety, please click here:  “North-America_FoodAG-Letter_Pres.Trump_170123-FINAL



“Grain Operations: Fumigating stored grain in sealed silos” by Dirk Maier and Sam Cook

Grain BinsDirk Maier and Sam Cook are post-harvest engineers with the Iowa Grain Quality Initiative at Iowa State University.  Their research project, ‘Grain Operations: Fumigating stored grain in sealed silos’,  “evaluated the viability of using sealed grain silo technology to achieve successful fumigations, maintain grain quality, and control insects without building up PH3 resistance.”

The article was recently published by World Grain and noted that “With properly sealed storage silos of any size, fumigation treatments work more effectively and with substantially lower costs.”

To view the article in it’s entirety, follow this link:  World Grain

Giving Back to the Community

Dallas Van Lear and Lenny Tolley monitor fumigant concentrations during our most recent fumigation for Well of Hope.

Dallas Van Lear and Lenny Tolley monitor fumigant concentrations during our most recent fumigation for Well of Hope.

Periodically, Degesch America, Inc. donates  fumigation services to Well of Hope.  Among one of the many things these folks do is collect shoes and ship them to Kenya to benefit widowed women.

As stated on their website; “Well of Hope International (WOHI) Shoe Project is collecting all of the shoes that you can donate. Everything from old (but still nice) to brand new shoes are being accepted on a local basis and shipped to Kenya. Once the shoes arrive in Kenya they are used for the benefit of the widows and orphans of WOHI.  So, if you have any old shoe that are just lying around collecting dust, brand new ones that don’t fit, or if you feel led to donate your best shoes, we can guarantee that they will be put to good use”.

You can learn more about this work at the following link:  Under projects select Kenya Project then Shoe Project

Kevin McCreedy Named Division Manager

Kevin McCreedyDegesch America, Inc. is pleased to announce that Kevin McCreedy has been appointed Division Manager for the Gulf Coast region. In his new position Kevin will oversee the day to day operations of the Houston and Gulf Divisions. Kevin is a native of Sacramento, California and over a decade of experience in the fumigation industry. Kevin attended California State University of Sacramento, after which he worked in retail management for 18 years. During this time, he relocated to the Pacific Northwest, eventually changing careers and accepting a position at Dico Pacific Fumigation. When Dico Pacific was acquired by Degesch America, Inc. in 2011, Kevin joined our Columbia River Division (CRD), based in Portland, OR. Prior to his current appointment, Kevin served as the CRD Operations Coordinator.
Kevin has participated in many phosphine, methyl bromide and sulfuryl fluoride fumigations of mills, containers, silos, ships, warehouses, railcars and food plants and will bring this experience to his new position.