Fumigation Management Plan

Fumigation Management Plan


Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 06-04-2016 2:51


A Fumigation Management Plan (FMP) is an organized, written description of the required steps involved to help ensure a safe, legal and effective fumigation. It will also assist you and others in complying with pesticide product label requirements. The guidance that follows is designed to help assist you in addressing all the necessary factors involved in preparing for and fumigating a structure and/or area.

This guidance is intended to help you organize any fumigation that you might perform, PRIOR TO ACTUAL TREATMENT. It is meant to be somewhat prescriptive, yet flexible enough to allow the experience and expertise of the fumigator to make changes based on circumstances which may exist in the field. By following a step-by-step procedure, which allow for flexibility, an effective fumigation may be performed.

Before any fumigation begins, carefully read and review the label which includes the container label and Applicator’s Manual. This information must also be given to the appropriate company officials (supervisors, foreman, safety officer, etc.) in charge of the site. Preparation is the key to any successful fumigation. If you do not find specific instructions for the type of fumigation that you are to perform listed in this Guidance Document, you will want to construct a similar set of procedures using this document as your guide or contact DEGESCH AMERICA, INC. for assistance. Finally, before any fumigation begins, you must be familiar with and comply with all applicable federal, state and local regulations. The success of the fumigation is not only dependent on your ability to do your job but also upon carefully following all rules, regulations, and procedures required by governmental agencies.