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After many months of effort, US DOT has renewed SP 11329. This permit allows certain users of Degesch America, Inc. to transport limited quantities of fumigants without placarding the vehicle.DOT Transportation Exemption

The US Department of Transportation has renewed SP11329.
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Degesch America, Inc. has acquired the rights to produce the “original” J-System® B-9 recirculation blowers. The new company, J-System Recirculation, LLC will be headquartered in Weyers Cave, VA.

Weyers Cave, VA – March 22, 2016 – Degesch America, Inc., is pleased to announce the formation of J-System Recirculation, LLC. The new company will assemble the original B-9 and A-3 J-System® Low Air Flow Fumigation Method blowers at its facility in Weyers Cave, Virginia. These models have long been considered the gold standard for the fumigation industry.

The blowers provide low volume recirculation of fumigant throughout a grain mass; most commonly used for in-transit fumigation of grain cargos on bulk carrier vessels. Additional applications include farm tank or bin fumigation, air evacuation, moisture control, and others.

The original blower was developed by Jim Cook, of J-Chem, Inc. to complete his patented J- System®. The initial application was used for farm storage treatments. While under pressure from importing countries, the USDA was researching an improved bulk carrier fumigation method. In a trial treatment performed in 1987 on the M/V Gamel Abdal Naser, the J-System’s effectiveness was clearly demonstrated, which led to the incorporation of the recirculation method into the FGIS’s Fumigation Handbook. Degesch America, Inc. acquired the rights to the method through the acquisition of J-Chem, Inc. in the late 1970’s.

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February and March are busy times at Degesch America, Inc. with several industry trade shows occurring. We exhibited at GEAPS in Austin, TX, Commodity Classic in New Orleans, LA and IAOM in Columbus, OH as well as several other regional shows. Special thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at one of these events.



US EPA is currently evaluating industry supplied data as part of the current re-registration process. The re-registration process was begun in September 2013. Current estimates indicate that the revised labeling should hopefully be available in 2020.